Custom Builds:
Barrel - Brands: Shilen, Hart, Bartlin, Douglas
Contour - Sporter, Varmint, Target, or Heavy Target
Alloy - Stainless or Chrome Molly
Caliber and Twist
Crown or Muzzle Break
Finish - Cerakote, Bead Blast or Duracoat Color

Action - Stiller, New or Used Remington Trued and Squared
Alloy - Stainless or Steel
Color - Body to Bolt
ADL, BDL, Detachable Mag, or Single Shot

Stock: Brand, Type, Color

Trigger: Tuned Remington or After Market (Jewel, Timmney Ect.)
Pound Pull Desired

Bases: Picatiny, Two Piece Weaver Style, Moa Elevation
Rings:  Ring Type, Laped for Maxium Contact

Ammo: Match Grade Factory or Custom Load
Bullet Type: Hunting, Target, or Varmint
Bullet Weight


Clean, float barrel, lap scope rings, re-mount scope and zero

Custom Barrel, Trigger Job, True Action, Bed Action, Float Barrel, Oversized Recoil Lug, Cerakote, Bead Blast or Duracoat, Break-in & Custom Load

Firearm Transfers:
We take care of your FFL transfer for you.

A La Carte:
New Barrels, Re-Barrels, True Used Actions, New Actions, Trigger Jobs, Custom Triggers, Crowns, Tapers, Custom O.D./Length Barrels, Muzzle Breaks, Bed Action, Float Barrel, Cerakote, Duracoat, Beadblast, Detachable Mags, Rings & Bases, Lap Rings, Re-Size Base Threads, Custom Load Data, Bullet Drop Charts, Custom Ammo, Scopes, Stocks and Accessories
(Call for pricing)

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Compton Custom Rifles accepts all major credit cards:
Compton Custom Rifles accepts all major credit cards!

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