What We Do:

Here at Compton Custom Rifles, we specialize in building custom precision rifles and hand matching a specific combination of bullet components to maximize your rifle’s performance. We emphasize accuracy and reliability in all of your firearm needs.

About Us:

Compton Custom Rifles evolved from a group of family and close friends wanting a more accurate and aesthetic rifle than was available on the shelf at our local gun shop. We dabbled first in maximizing the performance of our factory rifles through component upgrades, basic gunsmithing and creating custom handloads. We were fortunate enough to produce a level of accuracy that afforded us the opportunity to ethically take game animals at ranges most people wouldn’t attempt. As we became more educated to the internal and external ballistics and all the factors that came into play for even further shots, we realized that a more accurate rifle and better optics were required.

Through the years, we have had several custom rifles built by different gunsmiths, ranging from a local guy working from his garage to some "big name" guys. Although most of these rifles were built with excellent quality and workmanship, we were never completely satisfied with all the small details. In early 2011, our love and passion for the shooting sports drove us to taking the next step. In our tight knit group were all the components for the solution. Each of us bring an element to the build that, when applied collectively, delivers a consistent sub-inch rifle that looks as good as it shoots. Our services extend far beyond the sale. We will be happy to talk to you about load development, concerns, ballistic information and successful hunts long after your initial investment. We have a 1200 yd. range at the shop to test your rifle fully and would love to have you stop by and test it before you buy it. We love shooting, reloading, and pushing for more performance. You will be happy with your rifle or we want it back!

We look forward to providing you with quality products at a reasonable price with unbeatable service.  Contact us for more information. From accurizing your current gun, giving an old action new life with a custom barrel, to a full custom build give us a call and let’s talk!

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Compton Custom Rifles accepts all major credit cards:
Compton Custom Rifles accepts all major credit cards!

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